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03/04/2019, Bhimashi - Belagavi - India
Ise behatar company nahi ho sakta
best my profit club
03/04/2019, Vishnudas - Ahmednagar - India
Great company MPC
Ye mere jivan ki sabse best company hain 16 years service mein maine jitna nahi kamaya utna maine 9 months mein kamaya or Baki mere membar ko kmake diya
26/03/2019, Vishal - Ahmednagar - India
MPC is a good company than others.
MPC is a good company than others we are very happy.
Vishal Singh
19/03/2019, Pankaj - Jhajjar - India
This is the best club!
I Joined on 4th of march
04/03/2019, Rushikesh - Ahmednagar - India
Great Company
Great Company
25/02/2019, Vinod - Dobhi - India
सभी नए लीडर्स के लिए
एकमात्र भरोसेमंद कंपनी जो कि समय पर भुगतान करने वाली और हर समस्या का समाधान करने वाली विश्व की Best Company है तो प्रॉफिट क्लब कंपनी है मैं इस कंपनी में पिछले 8 महीनों से जुड़ा हुआ हूं मुझे इस कंपनी से बहुत संतुष्टि हुई और एमडी सर से निवेदन करता हूं कि हमारी कंपनी इसी तरह दिन दुगुनी और रात चौगुनी प्रगति करें और सभी लीडर्स इस कंपनी को विश्व की नंबर वन कंपनी बनाने में अपनी दिन रात की मेहनत को अग्रसर रखें धन्यवाद
Vinod Kumar
18/02/2019, Rohit - Ahmednagar - India
Happy working
My self rohit from ahmednagar working a full time MPC am very happy this system and all team feeling is well
17/02/2019, Jagdish - Belgaum - India
this is the best system as i seen i...
best company no doubt about it.
28/12/2018, Harsh - Pune - India
Real Networking eCommerce
Dear I K Sharma sir
मै आपका बहुत शुक्रगूजार हूँ के मैने मेरे पापा को 21 सालसे मेहनत करता देख रहा हूँ .लेकीन पहली बार अपने कंपनी के जरिए इतना income देखा हम सब खूष है .मूजे मेरे पापा पे गर्व है के वह और हम सब MPC का एक हिस्सा है .
Harsh Shah
15/12/2018, Shivam - Navi Mumbai - India
My Profit Club is the best
My Profit Club is the best business in India, our future is bright with my profit club.

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06/05/2019 17:37
Order Your Wellness Box Today!
Book Your Wellness Box delivery today.   1. Visit below link   2. Add to Kart Wellness Box   3. Use your Username as Discount Voucher/code (Last date to use your code is 30th May2019)   4.Provide complete address with Pin Code    5. Mention your registred Mobile Number and Registred email for verification of your order. (order will not be processed if details found wrong)   6. Complete your order (No need to pay anything ) Shipping is also free.    Please Note : One User/Address can order only one wellness box, multiple orders not allowed for the same address/user account.    Expect delivery at your doorstep in 10 Business days... 
21/10/2018 23:34
special Offer Valid for Limited Period
Dear Partners,  We are happy to inform you regarding special Cashback Offer (Valid For Limited Period), Please go to purchase shares (after login to your account) and purchase a package of shares to get benefits of special cashback offers.  Thanks 
10/08/2018 16:20
Important : Account Renewal
Dear Associates, Please renew your account before it is expired because Expired/Disabled account cannot be recovered or reactivated. Thanks 
10/08/2018 13:32
Important Note For Associate Business Consultants
Dear Associates ,  Greetings!  Please note:  1. You can make withdrwal of your funds anyday anytime (24X7) Minimum withdrawal amount is 1000. 2. Make sure your bank account (cancelled cheque) and PAN is uploaded .  3. Bank account number along with IFSC code must be valid and clearly visible. 4. We do not process transfer for co-operative bank account due to payment validation issue , so please do not provide co operative bank account for smooth payments. 5. It takes 4 Business Days to process your request. 6. For all queries always use support system , raise ticket for your concern but do note raise multiple tickets for the same concern, wait for reply (usually takes 24-48 Hours to respond ) 7. Admin/Processing charges is 14% . 8. Do not hesitate to suppor... 
16/07/2018 11:20
Important : Regarding Payout
Dear All,  Greetings & Welcome to My Profit Club Community !  Please upload copy of your Pan Card and Cancelled Cheque to receive your payout in the Indian Bank Accounts . You may upload clear copy of your passbook in case cheque leaf not available.    Thanks & Regards, Finance  & Compliance Team 


Jagdish Sadupatil :
this is the best system as i seen i...
" best company no doubt about it. Jagdish "