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30/05/2019 04:48
Important Regarding User Login
Dear Team,  Due to some technical issues user login is closed, but how to acess your account with new login password please contact your sponsor. Your account is safe and you can access it easily with new password. Thanks 
10/08/2018 16:20
Important : Account Renewal
Dear Associates, Please renew your account before it is expired because Expired/Disabled account cannot be recovered or reactivated. Thanks 


Harsh Shah :
Real Networking eCommerce
" Dear I K Sharma sir मै आपका बहुत शुक्रगूजार हूँ के मैने मेरे पापा को 21 सालसे मेहनत करता देख रहा हूँ .लेकीन पहली बार अपने कंपनी के जरिए इतना income ... "